Dear Friends,

Join me at the Bipartisan Policy Center!

With your support, enthusiasm and friendship, Olympia’s List has made a tremendous difference as a megaphone for championing bipartisanship and candidates who are willing to reach across the political aisle for the good of the nation. Since my departure from the United States Senate in 2012, I have been proud to stand with you in raising our collective voices, to call upon our elected officials to renounce the polarization that prevents us from confronting America’s greatest challenges – and I thank you profoundly for your commitment.

As you may know from my various posts and blogs over the past several years, I am a senior fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC). BPC is unique in being the only policy center in Washington that brings together high-level decision makers who have their own passionate viewpoints from both parties, to actually develop and agree on concrete solutions to major problems -- something that frankly should be a template for Congress!

You may also recall I co-chair BPC’s Commission on Political Reform, which developed targeted proposals to restore functionality to Congress. Key recommendations center on establishing redistricting commissions to avoid single-party gerrymandering, creating a system of more open primaries, disclosure of all political contributions, and a more open amendment process as well as five-day workweeks in Congress.

With BPC’s power not only to forge innovative, bipartisan solutions but also to enact them, I have increasingly devoted my time and energy to assisting them in their critical mission that is more important today than ever. The projects I’ve co-chaired at BPC, from tax reform to small business access to credit (which is critical to creating jobs), to a host of other issues, have taken more and more. I have decided to transition from my work on Olympia’s List to focus more fully on BPC’s extraordinary promise.

I sincerely hope you will join me in making this move, follow what BPC and I are doing on your social media and, importantly, share with your friends. There IS strength in numbers!

Following BPC will give you the tools necessary to be informed and truly make a difference:
  • access to key events and convenings featuring thought leaders on a variety of timely issues;
  • practical policy recommendations you can champion to your representatives and senators;
  • topical newsletters and our Healthy Congress Index that provides measurements of how Congress is performing.
We also launched a social media campaign called “Summer of Civility,” to encourage more civil discourse in the political life of our nation at this pivotal moment. This followed an event BPC co-hosted where a bipartisan group of nearly 30 members of the U.S. House affirmed their support for a Commitment to Civility pledge. BPC will be continuing with events centered around this theme and having thousands of Olympia’s List supporters multiplying our message would go a long way to changing the tenor of our political conversations.

Again, I hope we can continue this vital journey together, and I encourage you to click here to learn more about BPC and to join me at the Center.

As I’ve always said, change begins with us. We know that We the People have the power, and in our representative democracy, anything is possible. We CAN turn the tide – let’s continue to fight this battle together! Thank you again for your willingness to get involved, and I look forward to seeing you at the BPC!


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